Let’s open Marta’s suitcase



Gunther Schwaiger, single del giorno

I wished and tried to organize this blog only with light topic and candles through the whole month of December. I wanted only joy for Christmas time. But then I saw “Marta’s suitcase” and it cannot wait: WE ALL SHOULD SEE Schweiger’s documentary. It’s a true enlightenment on finding the right path on solving domestic violence huge problem.

It should be a lecture in all High Schools through out the world.

Synospis: Marta suffered years ago the brutal assault of her ex-husband and was about to die. Now her attacker has been released from prison and is sure he will try again.

In her home where she hides she shows us her day to day struggle to overcome the trauma and fear.

Harald, psychotherapist’s consulting to men “MännerWelten” helps violent men to leave male violence and analyzes the possible causes. The testimony of one of these men takes us into the deepness of his violence …


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