Obedience and Trust in Berlin

peter-greenaway-200x200  Peter Greenaway – April 5th, 1942 – Single of the Day





The story of forefather Abraham, who is willing to obey God’s command and sacrifice his son, is one of the most puzzling passages of the Bible. In the three monotheistic religions, it is among the most significant and most popular stories and among the first that were ever depicted. The text that is handed down in Judaism as the “Binding of Isaac” to this day still raises questions that are answered differently by the three religions.

British film director Peter Greenaway and multimedia artist Saskia Boddeke understand the sacrifice of Isaac as a human drama. Which is stronger – God’s command or the love of a father? And where can the modern subject be found between the priorities of obedience and trust?
Un passaggio coerente attraverso le tre religioni monoteiste dove non manca l’esperienza della sofferenza e della dramma e una riflessione su cosa è davvero la fede.
Do not miss it: until Sept, 23rd.
Da non mancare: fino al 23 settembre 2015
Dove/Where: Jewish Museum, Berlin

Quiet, for not forgetting details

LM_portrait  Lucy Mackenzie, Single of the Day




Working with a loving touch on postcard-size and smaller panels and pieces of paper, Lucy Mackenzie paints and draws beguiling, extremely realistic images of toys, balls of string, ceramic tchotchkes, neatly folded clothes, delicate glass vessels, flowers in vases and other more or less ordinary objects. […] For Ms. Mackenzie, the observing and painting are acts of quasi-religious devotion.

(by Ken Johnson, Art Review, New York Times)