One eye to look deeper

levitt helen Helen Levitt, 31.8. 1913 – 29.3.2009, Single of the Day




Happy Birthday Ms. Levitt, by a small Leika you’ve showed us the big world.











Free borders

arton113688 Estate, Single of the Day




Sei tu responsabile dei tuoi limiti, e puoi decidere se valicarli o rimanerci dentro.
La tua libertà sta nel poter decidere: dentro o fuori?

You are responsible of your own limits, you can decide to step out of them or staying within them. Choice is your freedom. So, are you in or out?


Dancing a last time, forever

138_1anne_deniau_sylvie_guillem Sylvie Guillem, 25.2.1965, Single of the Day



Don’t miss “life in progress”,

her last dance on stage,

your last chance to fly.


Why: To take off, to dream, to let it go, to share.

Where and when: Sydney Opera House (Australia) August 19th, 20th,21st, 22nd,24th, 25th / Birmingham September 8th, 9th / Paris Theatre des Champs Elysées Septembre 17th,18th,19th,20th / Taipei (Taiwan) October 3rd , 4th / Beijing (Pékin) NCPA October 9th, 10th / Singapour Esplande October 13th, 14th / Shangaï October 18th / New York November 12th,13th,14th / St Poelten (Autriche) December 2nd / Tokyo Japan December 17th,18th,19th,20th.



Ragtime in Paradise

EL-Doctorow-at-his-home-i-001 E.L. Doctorow – 6.1.31 – 25.7.15 – Single of the Day



“A book is not complete until it’s read. The reader’s mind flows through sentences as through a circuit – it illuminates them and brings them to life”.

Thank you Mr. Doctorow to let us dream with reality, even the worst. Have a wonderful Ragtime up there.