Breuer, just a detail for a big museum

Breuer-Main_entry_image-1Marcel Lajos Breuer, 22.5.1902 – 1.7. 1981, Single of the Day


“Structure is not just a means to a solution.
It is also a principle and a passion”


…Not only the architect of the former Withney Museum now named MET Breuer…

a designer, an inventor, a big picture viewer. Happy Birthday, Mister Breuer




Chatwin on the life road

ChatwinBruce Chatwin, 13.5.1940-18.1.1889, Single of the Day





“Man’s real home is not a house, but the Road,
and that life itself is a journey to be walked on foot.”

“La vera casa dell’uomo non è una casa, è la Strada.
La vita stessa è un viaggio da fare a piedi”.

A storyteller,
a photographer,
a researcher of life:
Happy Birthday, Mr. Chatwin

















Maria Reiche photographed By Bruce Chatwin in Peru desert

Don’t Be So…

FryerPaul Fryer, 1963, Single of the Day





Don’t be so…

Fucking stupid intransigent prejudiced politically correct

Faded pound foolish debauched unconvincing desolate

Emotional significantly docile manipulable greedy morbid naked old

Verbal mental genitally obsessed needy flirty matey pally bloated

Ill mannered bad tempered slovenly soppy sly alone

Don’t be so stupid

Don’t be so stupid

Don’t be so stupid

Don’t be so stupid

Don’t be so fucking stupid


















“Don’t be so”, Poem book by Paul Fryer, illustrated by Damien Hirst