Bellini, 82 anni d’architettura in Triennale

800px-mariobelliniMario Bellini, 1.2.1935, Single of the Day





Festeggiato in Triennale a Milano, con una mostra degna del suo operato. Dal 19 gennaio a marzo, da non perdere.

Buon compleanno architetto Bellini!














Peter Beard, magic is endless

revbGRlPibYJMIlt3PiDJVUt6FRziZRe_srviRYMBjhp-YJUMjnjYZmMXb8-b1HA5sSjoIM=s30.jpg Peter Beard, 22.1.1938, Single of the Day

Nature is as magic as a Beard’s shot.

And the end of the game is unlimited…Happy Birthday Mister Beard!


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Singh, dall’India per amore

image Dayanita Singh, New Delhi -1961 -, Single of the Day





“Photography is not about reality, photography is all fiction. Let’s play with the fiction”.

“That’s what’s so great about photography, the way it can be disseminate in so many different ways”.
















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