Zòbel, l’astrazione si fa realtà

Fernando Zóbel de Ayala y Montojo, 27.8.1924-2.6.1984, Single of the Day

Contrapuntos, quando la collezione passa all’astrazione per poi diventare arte.

Per un assaggio di un GRANDE, Buon compleanno, Mr. Zòbel.

Collaterale Biennale 2017, fino al 16 novembre, Fondaco Marcello Calle del Traghetto.

Abate, l’arte davanti – e dietro – l’obiettivo

Claudio Abate, 2.8.1943 – 2.8.2017, Single of the Day





“Il mio sogno è di fotografare il sole nella sua traiettoria, dall’alba al tramonto. Purtroppo non riesco a svegliarmi presto”.

Grazie Mr. Abate per tutti gli altri suoi click.









A space of time

Marcin_Rusak_2.width-300Marcin Rusak, Single of the Day





“It is almost impossible to get lost these days. It would take a lot of effort to experience this luxury”

WHAT IS LUXURY…for YOU? At V&A Museum, until September 27th. Take the luxury to see it.











Time for Yourself,
Marcin Rusak in collaboration with Iona Inglesby, 2013

In a world where having more time and extra space are the most sought-after luxuries of all, perhaps the ultimate treat would be to stop the clock and simply lose yourself for a while. That’s Marcin Rusak’s take on the theme. He has designed what looks like an executive survival kit for getting lost: a compass that sends you off in random directions, a dial-less watch and a blanket to keep you warm on your journey towards ascetic enlightenment. It suggests that the ultimate luxury would be to escape from a world where possessing any of these objects matters at all.

Dancing a last time, forever

138_1anne_deniau_sylvie_guillem Sylvie Guillem, 25.2.1965, Single of the Day



Don’t miss “life in progress”,

her last dance on stage,

your last chance to fly.


Why: To take off, to dream, to let it go, to share.

Where and when: Sydney Opera House (Australia) August 19th, 20th,21st, 22nd,24th, 25th / Birmingham September 8th, 9th / Paris Theatre des Champs Elysées Septembre 17th,18th,19th,20th / Taipei (Taiwan) October 3rd , 4th / Beijing (Pékin) NCPA October 9th, 10th / Singapour Esplande October 13th, 14th / Shangaï October 18th / New York November 12th,13th,14th / St Poelten (Autriche) December 2nd / Tokyo Japan December 17th,18th,19th,20th.