In due parole, Le Corbusier

co-fm3zanv-chc6bus6nyvdshhvvflbcfwyhb-kkiqf5b751v7y_pbbozlhfpywkwt-vzhms114Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, Le Corbusier, 6.10.1887-27.8.1965,
Single of the Day



“Resta acquisita una cosa: non ci si urterà più, a piedi o in veicoli frenati, nei dedali delle strade durante le ore di punta. Le città d’affari saranno verticali, immerse in parchi verdi e immensi.
Quando le cattedrali erano bianche, non si pensava che l’altezza fosse il segno di una degenerazione dello spirito.” da Quando le cattedrali erano bianche, Christian Marinotti edizioni

Bon anniversaire Monsieur Le Corbusier!

Da visitare: Maison Roche, 8-10 square du Docteur Blanche, Paris

How Should We Live? Propositions for the Modern Interior
MoMA, Museum of Modern Art
dal 1° ottobre 2016 al 23 aprile 2017


Breuer, just a detail for a big museum

Breuer-Main_entry_image-1Marcel Lajos Breuer, 22.5.1902 – 1.7. 1981, Single of the Day


“Structure is not just a means to a solution.
It is also a principle and a passion”


…Not only the architect of the former Withney Museum now named MET Breuer…

a designer, an inventor, a big picture viewer. Happy Birthday, Mister Breuer




Japanese stars spread on Moma

GOVkqRouj9fflRmyvjSuFoxrRUGBgErCHDuL5QOgODqAv_Bk2bdtlNvnOJPOXqt6hFFB=s128Junya Ishigami, Single of the Day



A must seen: A Japanese Constellation

It focuses on the network of architects and designers that has developed around Pritzker Prize winners Toyo Ito and SANAA. Providing an overview of Ito’s career and his influence as a mentor to a new generation of Japanese architects, the exhibition presents recent works by internationally acclaimed designers, including Kazuyo Sejima, Ryue Nishizawa, Sou Fujimoto, Akihisa Hirata, and Junya Ishigami. Departing from one of Ito’s pivotal works, the Sendai Mediatheque, completed in 2001, as well as SANAA’s 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (2004), the 44 featured designs range in scale from small houses to museums. With its idea of a network of luminaries at work, A Japanese Constellation is intended as a reflection on the transmission of an architectural sensibility, and suggests an alternative model to what has been commonly described as an individuality-based “star-system” in contemporary architecture.

To feel being part of a martial wonderful landscape visit this exibition.

Until July 4th, 2016