Shirin Neshat, the image for a peaceful resistance

Shirin Neshat, 26.3.1957, Single of the Day




“Art is our weapon. Culture is a form of resistance”

“The home of my eyes”, at Museo Correr, Venice – until Nov. 24th, 2017


Colour in Life signed by Mr. Miro

L5-3Ndgd4_t0E5pESbEDJzM3IV3XkocRoycKigpIT957w5NgJ3I-xqBZKHxW-Nhm24y1S6k=s113Joan Miro, 20.4.1893-25.12.1983, Single of the Day



“L’immobilità per me evoca grandi spazi in cui si producono movimenti che non si arrestano, movimenti che non hanno fine. E’, come diceva Kant, l’irruzione immediata dell’infinito nel finito. Un ciottolo, che è un oggetto finito e immobile, mi suggerisce non solo dei movimenti, ma movimenti infiniti che, nei miei quadri, si traducono in forme simili a scintille che erompono dalla conrice come da un vulcano.”

Buon Compleanno Mr. Miro!


The three blue paintings have to be regarded as one. Seen separately, nothing much seems to be happening on them. Search the third one to have the whole picture…

In luce perenne

olafurOlafur Eliasson, 5.2. 1967, Single of the Day



From Unspoken Spaces – Olafur Eliasson

I’m of the opinion that central perspective – the traditional Western model for organizing objects within our visible field has created a kind of blindness, a generalized way of seeing, an ocular numbness, if you will. It creates more disembodied eye than seeing body. I remember frequently discussing the idea of reversing central perspective at the time I was making The blind pavilion, proposing a double perspective, where the vanishing point would be in my eyes rather than on my horizon.




Thoughts proportions

440px-Fibonacci2Leonardo Fibonacci, 1175 – 1235, Single of the Day





PROPORTIO, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice

Per entrare con tutti e cinque sensi nella sequenza di Fibonacci,

per scoprire un fossile,

per capire le fondamenta della nostra casa,

e le tracce della nostra mente.

To get with all five senses into Fibonacci sequence,

to discover a fossil,

to comprehend our house basis,

and our mind traces.


Fino al 22 novembre – until November 22nd