Bruce Weber, on the fashion side

Bruce Weber, 29.3.1946, Single of the Day


After Bruce, fashion has never been the same. Happy Birthday Mr. Weber!
































You always wonder if you can make plays at the end


Duane Michals, the prose portrait author

imagesDuane Michals, 18.2.1932, Single of the Day.




“I have a new concept. I call it the “prose portrait.” A prose portrait doesn’t necessarily show you what someone looks like; it’s not a line-for-line reproduction of a face. A prose portrait tells you what the nature of the person is about. When I photographed Magritte, the portrait was made in the nature of Magritte. When I photographed Warhol, the portrait was in the character, the mystery—if there is one—of Warhol. You can’t capture someone, per se. How could you? The subject probably doesn’t even know who he (or she) is. So, for me, a prose portrait is about a person, rather than of a person.”


Magia e realtà in un solo scatto

pPpf68F-P4rA-Lom8YEvE1fnSO1a14NSMV_C34bdDeS5LTAwIvrPOlsn567pEAhaSaKyuQ=s85Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann – Horst P. Horst (14.08.1906 – 18.11.1999)  photographer, Single of the Day

The master of expressive lighting and atmospheric illusion…Not confined to fashion, Horst excelled at portraiture, nude studies, interiors and still life photography, drawing from a wide range of sources from ancient Greek and Roman sculpture to surrealist discourse.

Now in Florida, at The Dali Museum, until Sept 6th. Do not miss it.