Breuer, just a detail for a big museum

Breuer-Main_entry_image-1Marcel Lajos Breuer, 22.5.1902 – 1.7. 1981, Single of the Day


“Structure is not just a means to a solution.
It is also a principle and a passion”


…Not only the architect of the former Withney Museum now named MET Breuer…

a designer, an inventor, a big picture viewer. Happy Birthday, Mister Breuer




Nasreen at the NEW Met

nasreenNasreen Mohamedi (1937 – 1990), Single of the Day





The Met’s new location opens to the public on March 18th.
Starting with Nasreen Mohamedi, one of the most significant artists to emerge in post-Independence India.
She  created a body of work that demonstrates a singular
and sustained engagement with abstraction.

March 18th – June 5th, MET Breuers – Madison/75th