Hoyiningen, no less than beauty

QUO8Yxkq34DIMWgIcp3lybMcBm14Cg7Ug9fQp--nAw-T10Lo0OLjHV8C92ttpD_MJXtLeA=s85.jpg   George Hoyiningen Huene, 4.9.1900 – 12.9.1968, Single of the Day


“The gest transformed in something else”




Free borders

arton113688 Estate, Single of the Day




Sei tu responsabile dei tuoi limiti, e puoi decidere se valicarli o rimanerci dentro.
La tua libertà sta nel poter decidere: dentro o fuori?

You are responsible of your own limits, you can decide to step out of them or staying within them. Choice is your freedom. So, are you in or out?