Sheila Metzner, a no time picture

 sheila-metzner-adc-hall-of-fame Sheila Metzner, 1939, Single of the Day





“Photography in its most basic form is magic…This image, caught in my trap, my box of darkness, can live. It is eternal, immortal. The child in the image will not age as the living child will.”



When image becomes the real object

 Andrzej P. Bator, single del giorno

When image becomes the real object







(…) These photographs show how fiction and commonly understood reality change places if the spectator can enter true nature of the thing. Similarly like a sheet of paper imagined in a photograph is in fact only an abstract image of the sheet; the real object is a photograph: metaphorical and a truly paper piece of memory.

Elzbieta Lubowicz, March 2001, for the Andrzej P. Bator “Fotografie” Catalogue

When image becomes the real object